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Grey-matter I

The Grey-matter series is a process led study that utilises the act of drawing as a method of exploring form and space upon a two dimensional plain.

The drawings are constructed within a 20 by 20 centimetre square with a point marked every half centimetre along all four edges. Each square contains within it simple linear patterns that also bear points every 0.5 centimetres. Both the borders of each square, and the preliminary patterns that are contained within them, act as 'scaffolding' for the action that unfolds around them.

Each and every point within the square is connected to the other by a series of lines made in graphite. This allows dramatic fluctuations in the flow of each drawing to occur within a relatively minute area. Every line crossing has varied and differing consequences, from seemingly random graphite 'explosions' to small sections of exposure that seem intentionally ornamental.

Containing highly repetitive and intricate processes, the constant alterations in pace within these drawings juxtapose occurrence and non-occurrence; order and disarray.


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